Proposal for Partnership for your Company "Become a Global " Official Partners Crew of " Blue Med Islands " _Your Cruise for a Lifetime _ The First Floating City of Mediterranean .

The Project and in an exploratory Phase and research patner, sponsors to build the community. l 'idea and be able to involve sea lovers. and propose the participation.

" MultyProperty Plan , with an order. with a purchase of Units of project commercial .a board blue med islands .

  • The Plan is to build A hexagon float. Floating City with 100 meters to the side. 5 levels / floors. apartments offices . Fair Area Areas Warehouses and Maintenance. Areas and Public Services. Approx. area 25980 mq 400 apartments of 50 square meters. 200 offices of 100 square meters. Areas Warehouses and Maintenan .Area medical Care , Area Hall Trade Fairs Blue Med Islands Logistics Ship " Units rescue. Areas and Public Services. Approx
  • The route to the first. 36 months of navigation. 36 major ports of the Mediterranean ports. A Month a port. A port 36 Important Concerts on Board. 36 fairs on Board. Local activities. conferences on board. Art exhibitions .A Media of 1000/2000 visitors per day. who pay a fee to be boarded. Fee for maintenance and management Activities' on board.
Blue Med Islands Ltd will try to create a network of people and companies interested in becoming owners of an apartment or an office. create a community of lovers of the Sea with the support of patner willing to invest in this project. Including your company, you could start the cooperation becoming patner official project of construction of the 'Floating Island. By offering your services and possible collaborations .If your company becomes patner Official ,We will highlight your Products your Company and this action is a Support the Ocean Economy and Join the Community Blue Med Islands . Welcome OnBoard .
Project financing is based on the idea of selling the units immobilariil with a plan to sell multi propieta 'on final design. thus financing all the 'construction operation.
Blue Med Islands Ltd is interested in partnerships with academic institutions and business enterprises to research, design and construction of the project. In addition, we are encouraging the participation of students .
see presentation "Work In progress " File


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